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2/2/2018: Don’t wait to schedule your towing vessel’s initial COI inspection

From the desk of Capt. Matt Edwards, chief, Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance

On July 20, 2018, towing vessel owners and operators will be responsible for ensuring that their vessels comply with the provisions of 46 CFR Subchapter M.

As per 46 CFR 136.202, vessels are required to obtain a Certificate of Inspection (COI) over a four-year phase in period ending on July 20, 2022. With nearly 5,700 towing vessels obtaining a COI during this phase in period, coordination between owners and operators, Third Party Organizations, and the Coast Guard Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) is necessary to reduce delays to the towing industry. If you have not already done so, I highly encourage you to make contact now with the local OCMI(s) that will be conducting the vessel’s initial COI inspection to schedule an inspection date through July 19, 2022. While we understand the dates may move several weeks, a tentative date will help the Coast Guard manage resources to ensure a marine inspector is available. When scheduling a date, please indicate whether the vessel will be using the Coast Guard or TSMS option.

At least 90 days in advance of the proposed inspection date, please confirm your vessel will be available. Finally, at least 30 days before the scheduled inspection date, in accordance with 46 CFR 136.210, provide the OCMI with CG-Form 3752, Application for Inspection of a U.S. Vessel, indicating if the Coast Guard or TSMS option will be used to document compliance.

Contact information for both OCMIs and their respective District towing coordinators is posted below, or can be found on the Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise’s website.

Please direct questions concerning this letter to Mr. Erik Johnson at Erik.L.Johnson@uscg.mil or (202) 372-1216.

Graphic showing Contact information for Coast Guard Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection

Contact information for Coast Guard Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection


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