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3/7/2018: Invitation to participate in Area Contingency Planning survey

The Office of Marine Environmental Response announced in Marine Safety Information Bulletin CG-MER 02-18 that the Coast Guard, along with its National Response Team (NRT) partners, is requesting anyone with preparedness and response experience to complete a national online survey. The NRT has established a workgroup charged with improving and modernizing our national area contingency planning products. It is important to obtain feedback from all parties that have a nexus to the National Response System. This includes all facility and vessel response plan holders, as well as anyone with experience in any oil or hazardous substance spill response or planning capacity. To ensure feedback is robust and diverse, all private, non‐profit, local, state, tribal and federal stakeholders with an interest in this topic are strongly encouraged to participate in the survey.

To access the survey, log on to, or click the link in the graphic below:

screenshot and link to survey

The target audience for the survey includes, but is not limited to:

• Federal agencies with a nexus to the National Response System
• NRT and RRT Members
• Tribal representatives
• State and local agencies (LEPCs, emergency managers, response personnel)
• Oil Spill Removal Organizations and environmental consultants
• Non-profit and voluntary organizations
• Industry plan holders
• Generally speaking, all organizations active in area committee functions

The survey consists of approximately 60 questions designed to collect information on the audiences’ familiarity and experience with ACPs, negative and positive observations about ACPs, and recommendations for improving ACPs. The time needed to complete the survey should range from 10‐25 minutes.The survey will be open from March 1st – April 30th, 2018.

Full details are available in a National Response Team flyer published with the MSIB.

Direct questions about the survey to Mr. Jonathan Smith, Emergency Management Specialist and National ACP Program Manager, at 202-372-2675 or

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