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3/12/2018: Coast Guard, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement to begin focused crane inspection campaign

Submitted by Lt. Martin Betts, Offshore Compliance/8th District Officer in Charge, Marine Inspections

In response to several recent safety incidents involving cranes and lifting appliances, the Coast Guard is partnering with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement to initiate a joint inspections campaign focusing on crane material condition, operations, maintenance and safety management.

Crane operations continue to be an area of high risk offshore. According to BSEE data, over 175 crane incidents were reported between 2016-2017. In its annual performance reports the Center for Offshore Safety has consistently highlighted mechanical lifting and lowering as a safety performance indicator involving incidents with learning opportunities. BSEE recently released Safety Alert #329 on Potentially Catastrophic Crane and Lifting Incidents.

The campaign, scheduled to take place this spring, will involve interagency teams visiting multiple drilling and production units across the Gulf of Mexico. Teams will use a focused inspections protocol to evaluate safety, gather and provide data to BSEE’s Office of Safety Management (OSM). OSM will analyze the data and publish a report of its findings, including recommendations to industry.

Sharing data and coordinating operations with the BSEE enhances oversight and improves the ways in which the Coast Guard measures and responds to risk.

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