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3/29/2018: Pacific seacoast Waterways Analysis and Management System study closes March 31

The Coast Guard reminds mariners that there is still time to participate in a survey related to a study of aids to navigation in U.S. Pacific waters, including the California coast.

The survey is open to all categories of mariners to include commercial, passenger, recreational, and sail and power boaters.

Survey topics include international requirements, environmental concerns, user capabilities, available technology and available resources. The survey is available here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PacSeacoastWAMS.

The study, which concludes March 31, was announced on Maritime Commons in December 2017.  It is part of the Coast Guard’s Future Navigation initiative, the multi-year effort to analyze, optimize and modernize the navigation systems that safely guide millions of mariners and trillions of dollars’ worth of trade into U.S. ports.

The Waterways Analysis and Management System study is scheduled to review the short range Aids to Navigation (ATON) system that covers American waterways from the Canadian border to the Mexican border and around Alaska, Hawaii and the Marianas Islands.

Managed by the Office of Navigation Systems and maintained by Coast Guard buoy tenders and ATON teams around the nation, aids to navigation help mariners to determine their position, chart a safe course and steer clear of hazards.

For further information, contact Lt. Marcia Medina at (510) 437-2978 or Marcia.A.Medina@uscg.mil.

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