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4/4/2018: Summary of recent Towing Safety Advisory Committee meeting

The Towing Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) held its spring public meeting in Charleston, South Carolina March 20-21. After welcoming remarks from Coast Guard Sector Charleston Commander Capt. John Reed, TSAC members swore in new members, deliberated on the committee’s current tasks, and received public comments.

During the meeting, TSAC received three final reports from its subcommittees:

Recommendations Regarding Firefighting Training Requirements for Officer Endorsements for Master or Mate (Pilot) of Towing Vessels, Except Apprentice Mate (Steersman) of Towing Vessels in Inland Service

Input to Support Regulatory Reform of Coast Guard Regulations—Executive Orders 13771 and 13783

Recommendations on the Implementation of 46 Code of Federal Regulations Subchapter M – Inspection of Towing Vessels, report number 4

TSAC also received two progress reports from its subcommittees: Recommendations Regarding Operational Risks Associated with Towing LNG Barges and Load Line Exemption Review for River Barges on Lakes Erie and Ontario.

Copies of the meeting agenda and draft final reports are available on the TSAC Homeport webpage.

Finally, the Committee reappointed four members to their positions and welcomed three new members. The new members are:

• Mr. Marc Dial, Plimsoll Marine, representing Masters of towing vessels in offshore service
• Mr. Andrew Gauthier, Crowley Marine Services, representing the barge and towing industry
• Mr. Toby Jacobsen, Foss Maritime, representing the barge and towing industry

For any TSAC questions/comments please contact Mr. Ken Doyle at 202-372-1363 or

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