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4/10/2018: Navigation Center 2017 Year in Review

The Coast Guard Navigation Center (NAVCEN) released its 2017 Year in Review to highlight NAVCEN’s work with maritime stakeholders, interagency partners, and GPS users worldwide to modernize the delivery of Marine Safety Information.

There were many changes at NAVCEN, from the transition of the DGPS and NAIS watches to CGCYBERCOM, to the launch of the Vessel Information Verification Service (VIVS). VIVS, an application that allows ships agents, owners and operators to search their respective vessel or fleets to determine if they are in compliance with static AIS data mandates, improved AIS broadcast accuracy and overall waterway safety.

NAVCEN’s website was used as a test bed against a full immersion hacking test, setting the standard for all future tests on Coast Guard websites. The website had over 2.1 million page views, nearly half using smartphone technology. The migration toward smartphones has influenced the future dissemination of Marine Safety Information and NAVCEN is keeping pace with this trend.

Other NAVCEN services highlighted in the Year in Review include:

• Publishing Notices to Mariners and the Light List
• Disseminating navigation information through 24/7 operations center and the NAVCEN website
• Managing the Integrated Aids to Navigation Information System
• Managing electronic charting portfolios for U.S. Coast Guard units
• Serving as the primary U.S. Government interface with GPS users (except aviation and military)
• Receiving and coordinating investigation of GPS disruption reports
• Operating the Long Range Identification and Tracking business helpdesk

The Year in Review is available on NAVCEN’s website.

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