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4/20/2018: First Certificate of Inspection issued under Subchapter M

Submitted by the Domestic Vessel Compliance Division (CVC-1)

The Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance announces that Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg has issued an initial Certificate of Inspection (COI) to the towing vessel ENDEAVOR of Marine Towing of Tampa. This historic moment marks the first COI to be issued in accordance with the Subchapter M towing vessel regulations. The ENDEAVOR is an 86.7-foot, 4200 horsepower vessel used throughout Tampa Bay as an assist and escort vessel.

All towing vessels are required to comply with the provisions of 46 CFR Subchapter M by July 20, 2018. There is a phase in period for issuance of the COI, and the Coast Guard would like to encourage owners and operators to initiate contact and coordinate early scheduling of inspections with the local OCMI (see CG-CVC Policy letter 17-01 and 17-02). When scheduling please indicate whether the vessel will be using the Coast Guard or Towing Safety Management System option. Contact information for all OCMIs is posted below.

Subchapter M resources, checklists, job aids and more can be found on the Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise’s website.

photos of first COI being signed and presented

Graphic showing Contact information for Coast Guard Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection

Contact information for Coast Guard Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection

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