Commercial Vessel Compliance

5/23/2018: Release of Mission Management System Work Instruction 005 – Request for recognized organization internal Quality Management System review.

Submitted by Lt. Cmdr. Chris Nichols, Flag State Compliance Division
Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance

Recognized Organizations (ROs) and Third Party Organizations that perform delegated functions on behalf of the Coast Guard are required to implement and maintain a Quality Management System. Today, the Coast Guard Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance released Mission Management System (MMS) Work Instruction 005 (CVC-WI-005), Request for Recognized Organization (RO) Internal Quality Management System (QMS) Review. This instruction formalizes a process, known as a Quality Case, for the Coast Guard to request an internal investigation or root cause analysis when objective evidence indicates that a potential failure or lack of effectiveness of the Recognized Organization’s Quality Management System resulted in the unsatisfactory execution of delegated function(s).

The Quality Case process establishes additional accountability between the Coast Guard and ROs. The results will be used to inform Flag State Audits of the ROs’ performance and to ensure that any necessary corrective actions have been effectively implemented. In addition, the data, records, and non-conformities derived from Quality Cases will be used to inform Key Performance Indicators for the ROs and may be used to employ additional verification and monitoring activities as described in the RO Code or similar domestic regulations.

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