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5/24/2018: Latest updates to Marine Safety Center’s ballast water management system website

The Marine Safety Center recently updated two tools posted to its ballast water management system website to assist industry when completing the ballast water management system type approval process, or when accessing letters of intent.

First, the Ballast Water Management System Type Approval Review Checklist was updated May 9, 2018, with new checklist items to improve your ability to cross reference between certain approval requirements of 46 CFR 162.060 and the application documentation. This new checklist, while not required, is designed to streamline Marine Safety Center’s review of type approval applications.

Second, based on industry feedback, on May 18, 2018, the Marine Safety Center updated the Letters of Intent Register to include both the system name and the manufacturer’s name for each Letter of Intent that has been submitted to the Marine Safety Center. This update is designed to improve the ease of searching and/or identifying LOIs when multiple systems listed are manufactured by a single company.

For all BWMS type approval questions, contact the Marine Safety Center at (202) 795-6760 or

For Independent Laboratory requirements, contact the Coast Guard Headquarters, Systems Engineering Division, (CG-ENG-3), Attn: Ms. Roshanak Aryan-Nejad at

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