Commercial Vessel Compliance

6/13/2018: Updated Notice of Arrival/Departure workbooks released

The National Vessel Movement Center posted a notice that Notice of Arrival/Departure Workbook Version 7.5.1 and Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Notice of Arrival Workbook 1.5.1 are now available on its website.

These updated versions of the NVMC workbooks provide corrections for the display of ports when the country of Georgia is selected. The official XLS workbooks are provided as a non XML venue for submissions of Notices of Arrival/Departure to the National Vessel Movement Center. It is requested that the worksheets/workbook are completed electronically and sent via email to, or imported into the eNOAD Web Application. Alteration of the official workbook will result in significant delays in processing.

NOAD Workbook Version 7.5.1 and Outer Continental Shelf NOA Workbook Version 1.5.1 can be found in the Downloads Section.

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