Commercial Vessel Compliance

6/28/2018: Coast Guard facility inspectors will use form CG-835F “Facility Inspection Requirements”

Submitted by Lt. Laura Gould, Office of Port and Facility Compliance

Effective immediately, Coast Guard facility inspectors will use Coast Guard Form CG-835F to document facility inspections. CG-835F is a modification of CG-Form 835, “Vessel/Facility Inspection Requirements,” and is specifically formatted to document facility inspection results. CG-835F contains no major changes to the form design or to the information captured relevant to facility inspection activities. Facility owners/operators are not required to complete CG-835F themselves.

In April of 2018, the Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance released CG-835V, “Vessel Inspection Requirements” for use during inspections of Coast Guard inspected vessels. To align with the release of the CG-835V, the Office of Port and Facility Compliance modified the CG-835 to remove vessel specific portions of the form resulting in a document specific for use during facility inspections.

Regulated facilities should note that Coast Guard facility inspectors may begin using the CG-835F to document facility inspections, but in some instances may continue to use the CG-835 during this transition. Editor’s note: If you’d like to review the CG-835F, it is available online

For information on the CG-835V, Vessel inspection Form, see our April 5, 2018 Maritime Commons blog post.

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