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10/24/2018: Coast Guard to present during ASTM International’s automation and cybersecurity workshop

Submitted by Thane Gilman, Office of Design and Engineering Standards

Members of the Coast Guard’s Office of Design and Engineering Standards will participate in ASTM International F25 Committee’s Workshop on Autonomous Shipping, Vessel Automation and Maritime Cyber Security, Dec. 5, 2018, in Washington, D.C. The workshop is sponsored by the ASTM Committee F25 on Ships and Marine Technology and coincides with the committee’s December standards development meetings.

The workshop provides a forum for the exchange of ideas related to the operation of autonomous vessels in the maritime sector, as well as ship automation and cyber risk management in the maritime domain. The objective is to identify potential opportunities for standards and related products applicable to advancements in automation, autonomous shipping, and maritime-specific cyber risk management issues. In addition to the Coast Guard, experts from the maritime industry, academia, and other government agencies will be presenting on specific topics related to the workshop themes.

ASTM F25’s primary scope of work is to develop standard specifications, test methods, terminology, practices, and guides for the design, construction, operation and repair of marine vessels, structures, systems, equipment and materials. The committee also is responsible for developing standard specifications and practices for marine environmental matters.

More details about the workshop, including registration information, can be found in the “Future Meetings” section of the ASTM F25 committee website. 

Specific questions about the workshop and Coast Guard participation in this event can be directed to Mr. Thane Gilman of the Systems Engineering Division at (202) 372-1383 or

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