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11/20/2018: Towing Safety Advisory Committee teleconference scheduled

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The Coast Guard announced in the Federal Register that the Towing Safety Advisory Committee will meet via teleconference to discuss the three current tasks assigned to the committee. This teleconference will be open to the public. The number of teleconference lines is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Meeting Date/Time: December 5, 2018 from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. Please note that this meeting may close early if the committee completes its business.

To pre-register for the teleconference, send an email by November 28, 2018, to Mr. Douglas Scheffler at, with TSAC in the subject line and provide your name, company and telephone number; if a foreign national, also provide your country of citizenship, and passport number and expiration date.

If you prefer to join the meeting in person at U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, it will be hosted in Room 6K15-15, 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20593. All attendees will be required to provide a REAL ID Act-compliant, government-issued picture identification card in order to gain admittance to the building. For details about identification required, visit​real-id.

The agenda for the teleconference is as follows:

(1) Final report from the Load Line Exemption Review Subcommittee, “Recommendations on Load Line Exemption for River Barges on Lakes Erie and Ontario (Task 17-02)”

(2) Additional tasking for the Subcommittee working on “Recommendations on the Implementation of 46 Code of Federal Regulations Subchapter M—Inspection of Towing Vessels (Task 16-01)”

(3) Progress reports from Subcommittee working on “Recommendations on the Towing of Liquefied Natural Gas Barges (Task 16-03)”

(4) Discussion of manning levels as a new task

(5) Public comment period

For full details, view the Federal Register Notice.

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