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11/26/2018: NOAD Schema 3.6 and Nat’l Vessel Movement Center Workbook 7.6 released

The National Vessel Movement Center recently announced release of the updated Notices of Arrival and Departure (NOAD) Schema Version 3.6, as part of efforts to enhance maritime domain awareness and improve handling of essential data contained within NOAD.

Version 3.6 contains various schema improvements, updates to ports list, and retirement of the NVMC workbook as a means of submission for Outer Continental Shelf Notice of Arrivals. With the release of NOAD Schema 3.6, NOAD Schema 3.4 and older versions will no longer be supported.

Additionally, the official NVMC workbook for submitting a NOAD has been released. This updated workbook is in the newer Microsoft Excel XLSX format to reduce the file size and contains foreign port additions, removals, and corrections. This new workbook also contains various validation checks to prevent data entry error, comments for each field to aid in data entry, and a new definitions worksheet for answers to frequently asked questions. A copy of the new workbook is available in the Downloads section of NVMC’s website.

For full details, review the complete notice on NVMC’s website.

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