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11/28/2018: Marine Safety Center review of rigid hull inflatable vessels

The Marine Safety Center published an update to technical note MTN 01-08: “Marine Safety Center Review of Rigid Hull Inflatable Vessels.”

The MTN provides an alternative design standard equivalent to certain regulatory requirements found in 46 CFR Subchapters T and S for rigid hull inflatable and rigid hull foam collar small passenger vessels (RHIs). The major changes include adjustment of minimum collar material properties and clarification of acceptable drainage criteria and stability requirements.

This MTN applies to RHIs that:

a. are constructed of a rigid hull;
b. are less than 65 feet in length;
c. carry 49 or fewer passengers in domestic service on any route;
d. have collar volume of at least 60 percent of the full-load displaced volume; and
e. have collars constructed with air-filled chambers or buoyant foam.

For full details, review the MTN, or contact the Marine Safety Center Small Vessel Branch Chief at (202) 795-6734 or

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