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12/21/2018: Adoption of RTCM Standard 13200.0 for electronic visual distress signal devices

The Coast Guard issued CG-ENG Policy Letter 03-18 providing guidance for acceptance of electronic visual distress signal devices (eVDSDs) that are evaluated as meeting the design and performance requirements of the recently published Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) Standard 13200.0 for Electronic Visual Distress Signal Devices.

These eVDSDs have a new distress signal characteristic in the form of dual color cyan and red-orange S-O-S light sequence. Those eVDSDs that are tested by an accepted independent laboratory to meet the RTCM Standard 13200.0 will be accepted as equivalent to electric distress lights certified to 46 CFR 161.013 and may be used to comply with nighttime distress signal requirements in 33 CFR 175.130 as an alternative to currently available options.

For full details, read or download Policy Letter 03-18.

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