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2/14/2019: Two new marine safety information bulletins for OCS vessels now available

The Coast Guard District 8 Outer Continental Shelf Officer in Charge, Marine Inspections recently released two Marine Safety Information Bulletins regarding marine casualty reporting and the requirements for installed data plates on lifesaving appliances.

MSIB 19-01 updates marine casualty reporting guidance and procedures for OCS units operating within the Gulf of Mexico. Compliance with MSIB 19-01 will ensure timely initial notifications to the appropriate Coast Guard unit.
MSIB 19-02 reiterates that data plates are required for lifesaving appliances, as outlined in MSIB 17-02. To allow the offshore industry time to verify compliance, deficiencies will not be written until July 1, 2019.

To view or download these or other bulletins, visit the D8 OCMI website. If there are any questions regarding these bulletins please contact Lt. Cmdr. Mickey Dougherty at 504-671-2106.

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