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3/27/2019: Summary of recent Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee meeting

Posed photo of members of CTAC at recent meeting

Front row from left to right: George Pontikos, Delmas Jones, Stephen Boudreaux, Kostas Dimitropoulos, Cmdr. Marc Montemerlo, James Prazak, Dr. Cynthia Znati, David Burmeister
Back row from left to right: Norman O’Shaughnessy, Soren Ibsen, Aaron Jones, Lance Nunez, Craig Trautman, Morgan Johnson, Lt. Jake Lobb.

Over 40 members of the chemical and gas industry, along with representatives of the Office of Design and Engineering Standards, and local Coast Guard marine inspectors, attended the Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee public meetings at Sector Houston-Galveston, March 20-21, 2019.

Cmdr. Marc Montemerlo, chief of the Hazardous Materials Division (CG-ENG-5) at Coast Guard Headquarters, presented thank you letters, on behalf of Rear Adm. John Nadeau, to four committee members for their contributions to the safe and secure marine transportation of hazardous materials, as part of various workgroups and subcommittees:

• Mr. Lance Nunez – Sub-Committee on Hazardous Response Plans for Facilities and Vessels
• Mr. James Prazak – Sub-Committee on Regulatory Reform
• Mr. John Temperilli – Sub-Committee on Hazardous Cargo Transportation Security
• Mr. Dan Wesp – Working Group Chair for the Remote Control, Alarm, and Monitoring Systems for Liquefied Gas Barges

Ms. Margaret Doyle, who worked on the Control, Alarm, and Monitoring Systems of Liquefied Gas and the Regulatory Gap Analysis of Liquefied Natural Gas Tanks Working Groups, and Mr. Tony Teo, the working group chair for the Regulatory Gap Analysis of Liquefied Natural Gas Tanks, also received thank you letters but were unable to attend the meeting.

Additionally, the Liquefied Gas Subcommittee finalized recommendations for the incorporation of the International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk (IGC Code, 2016) into U.S. regulation. Subcommittee members Mr. Kostas Dimitropoulos and Mr. Dan Wesp led the yearlong project, which culminated from the effort of 62 industrial personnel from 35 different organizations and 10 separate working group meetings. The full committee approved the recommendation and presented it to the Coast Guard as final.

The final recommendation will be posted to Homeport.

Other meeting agenda items discussed included:

• The committee welcomed 10 new members and held a ceremony to administer the oath of office and present them with appointment letters.
• Capt. Terry Firth of the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) gave a presentation on the services provided by CDI and committed to sharing knowledge with Coast Guard inspectors, as appropriate.
• CG-ENG-5 presented updates from the International Maritime Organization subcommittee on Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR) and the working group on Evaluations of Safety and Pollution Hazards.

The next CTAC meeting will be held in the Spring of 2020.

Interested in joining CTAC? The Coast Guard publishes a solicitation for new members annually in the April/May timeframe so keep an eye on the Federal Register or Maritime Commons for the announcement, or, contact Lt. Jake Lobb directly at

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