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4/17/2019: Global Maritime Distress and Safety System master plan

The International Maritime Organization announced in GMDSS.1/Circ.23 dated March 4, 2019 that all information related to shore-based facilities for the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System communicated to the organization is available to all registered public account holders through the new Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS) module on the Master plan of shore-based facilities for the GMDSS. Any member of the public who is registered with an IMO Web account can become a registered account holder.

The information contained in the GMDSS Master Plan GISIS module is similarly structured as the GMDSS Master Plan in previous GMDSS.1 circulars (annexes 1 to 12). The module is divided into 12 sections, as follows:

1. Status of facilities;
2. Sea Area A1 (within range of shore-based VHF DSC coverage);
3. Sea Area A2 (within range of shore-based MF DSC coverage);
4. Sea Areas A3 and A4 (outside sea area A2);
5. Inmarsat facilities;
6. Coordination Centres (RCCs) using Inmarsat Ship Earth Stations (SESs);
7. NAVTEX Service;
8. International SafetyNET Service;
9. HF Narrow Band Direct Printing (NBDP) MSI Broadcast Service;
10. Cospas-Sarsat MCC and LUT;
11. EPIRB Registration Data; and
12. Contact Points for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

Additional functionalities to download or export the information contained in different sections are currently under development.

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