Federal Register

5/6/2019: Notice requesting comments on collection of information under review by Office of Management and Budget

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The Coast Guard announced in the Federal Register it is seeking comments on whether an Information Collection Request (ICR) should be granted based on the collection being necessary for the proper performance of departmental functions.

The Coast Guard is forwarding the ICR to the Office of Management and Budget, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), requesting approval for reinstatement, without change, of the following collection of information: 1625-0112, Enhanced Maritime Domain Awareness via Electronic Transmission of Vessel Transit Data. The ICR describes the information the Coast Guard seeks to collect from the public. Review and comments by OIRA ensure the Coast Guard only imposes paperwork burdens commensurate with its performance of duties.

In particular, the Coast Guard would appreciate comments addressing the practical utility of the collection, the accuracy of the estimated burden of the collection, ways to enhance the quality, utility and clarity of information subject to the collection and ways to minimize the burden of the collection on respondents, including the use of automated collection techniques or other forms of information technology. The Coast Guard also requests comments on the extent to which this request for information could be modified to reduce the burden on respondents. These comments will help OIRA determine whether to approve the ICR referred to in the notice.

For full details, view the Federal Register notice. Comments must be received by June 5, 2019. Questions about these documents may be directed to Mr. Anthony Smith, Office of Information Management, U.S. Coast Guard, at (202) 475-3532 or via fax at (202) 372-8405.

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