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Outer Continental Shelf hurricane guidance for 2019 season now published

The District Eight Outer Continental Shelf Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection published its reporting requirements for the upcoming hurricane season.

Marine Safety Information Bulletin 19-03 requests that operators of ALL manned facilities and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) report only when personnel, who otherwise intended to evacuate the unit due to approaching heavy weather, were stranded on board AND not able to evacuate due to extreme circumstances.

Notification can be made to the Eighth District by contacting any of the following:

Fax: 504-589-2148
Phone: 504-589-6225

Reports of personnel remaining offshore will allow the Eighth District to prepare for potential post-storm search and rescue operations. For OCS facilities with an approved Emergency Evacuation Plan pursuant to 33 CFR 146, we request that you notify the Eighth District anytime personnel will remain on board in exception to your approved plan. All reports should include the location of the facility or MODU, the number of personnel to be left on board, and the means by which the operator and/or the Eighth District can communicate with the facility or MODU.

For full details, read or download MSIB 19-03. For questions, contact Lt. Cdr. Mickey Dougherty at 504-671-2106 or Ed Lacy at 504-671-2151.

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