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Outer Continental Shelf Industry Day in New Orleans

Submitted by Mr. Ed Lacy, Inspections Chief, Eighth District Outer Continental Shelf OCMI

The Eighth Coast Guard District’s Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) for the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) hosted an OCS Industry Day in New Orleans, Louisiana, June 21, 2019 at the Port of New Orleans Auditorium. Industry days are held at least annually by the OCS OCMI to provide a forum where agency regulators and industry stakeholders can exchange information in the common pursuit of safe, secure, and environmentally sound OCS operations.

This Industry Day highlighted the importance of procedures and management systems as a driver for self-reliant compliance assurance. This thematic principle was delivered through training on a multitude of regulatory topics including common deficiencies, Emergency Evacuation Plans, and maritime security.

A notable departure from previous industry days was the inclusion of topics from the Gulf of Mexico Regional Office (GOMR) of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).  The Director of Safety Management then presented an impactful talk on leveraging BSEE mandated Safety and Environmental Management Systems to improve compliance with Coast Guard requirements.  The BSEE GOMR Director of Investigations, in conjunction with staff from Marine Safety Unit Houma and Sector New Orleans, discussed incident reporting requirements unique to vessels and facilities engaged in OCS activities. The afternoon’s final presentation was given by the OCS National Center of Expertise on its role in facilitating offshore safety. The event concluded with an open question and answer session for the panel of presenters.

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Additional Information: A number of resources to help facilitate compliance with regulations are available on the OCS OCMI’s website.

Presentation Materials: Presentation materials are available at this link.

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Photo of staff from OCS OCMI sitting behind a table in front of a presentation screen
From Left: Lt. Marty Betts, Lt. Cmdr. Michael Doughtery, Capt. Russ Holmes, D8 OCS OCMI; James Matthews and Charles Arnold, BSEE Gulf of Mexico Region; Lt. Haley Feindel and Mr. Harley Bates, D8 OCS OCMI. Photo courtesy Ed Lacy.

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