Commercial Vessel Compliance

Summary of public meeting on IMO 2020 Sulfur cap

The Coast Guard conducted a public meeting Dec. 5, 2019, in Washington, D.C., on the consistent implementation of regulation 14.1.3 of MARPOL Annex IV (Global 0.50 percent Sulfur Limit).   

During the meeting, the Coast Guard presented the MARPOL Annex VI provisions for implementing the Global 0.50 percent Sulfur Limit and the associated guidance developed through the International Maritime Organization. The Coast Guard also gave a presentation of the Coast Guard’s enforcement of the IMO 2020 Sulfur cap. The presentation included an overview of the Coast Guard’s Port State Control program, updates on policy, and reporting of fuel oil non-availability.

All documents that were discussed, including the Coast Guard’s presentation, are available in Federal Register Docket Number USCG-2019-0878.

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