Commercial Vessel Compliance

Towing Safety Advisory Committee Spring 2020 meeting summary

On March 10, 2020 the Coast Guard’s Towing Safety Advisory Committee conducted a teleconference meeting where committee members voted unanimously to accept and issue the Coast Guard a final report on Task No.17-02 – Load Line Exemptions for River Barges on Lakes Erie and Ontario. Additionally, the committee was issued a new work item under Task 16-01 – Subchapter M implementation. The updated 16-01 task requests that TSAC identify the parameters OCMIs should use to determine whether a vessel inspected under subchapters other than Subchapter M performs occasional towing.

Copies of the 17-02 Final Report, the updated Task 16-01, and signed meeting minutes can be found on the Office of Operating and Environmental Standard’s TSAC webpage.

If you have any questions regarding the Towing Vessel Safety Advisory Committee please contact to Mr. Matthew Layman by email at

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