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2019 Area Maritime Security Committee of the Year: Puget Sound AMSC

Submitted by Dr. Robyn Kapperman, Office of Port and Facility Compliance, Critical Infrastructure Division

In November the Puget Sound AMSC was named the recipient of the 2019 AMSC of the Year Award. Area Maritime Security Committees continue to provide the framework for communication and collaboration necessary to ensure our nation’s ports remain secure and resilient.

Captain Patrick Hilbert, Sector Commander of Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound, accepts the 2019 AMSC of the Year Award on behalf of the Puget Sound AMSC. He is joined by the AMSC Executive Secretary, Mr. Paul M. “Bo” Stocklin.

The 2019 AMSC of the Year recipient was selected by Rear Admiral R. V. Timme, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy at Coast Guard Headquarters, after review of highly competitive submissions from each of the 43 AMSCs. Among the many achievements of the Puget Sound AMSC were their Active Shooter Full Scale Exercise that tested emerging CG policy, collaboration to develop an innovative risk reduction model (3RAM) with Washington State Ferries and Washington State Patrol, and conducting innovative intelligence sharing mechanisms, and other exceptional efforts to safeguard the Maritime Domain. 

The award was presented virtually by Captain Bradley Clare, Chief, Office of Port and Facility Compliance, Commandant, CG-FAC from CG Headquarters, at the December 3rd Puget Sound AMSC Executive Committee meeting. Captain Hilbert commented to the AMSC: “Great work by Captain Linda Sturgis, Bo and the extended CG, Federal, State and Local agencies, Maritime Industry and other Port Partners here in the greater Puget Sound region. I’m honored to walk into a situation with such a talented, passionate group, and look forward to building on these already strong relationships.”

Captain Clare emphasized that a strong AMSC requires hard work and long hours by many parties. The patriotism, professionalism, and the impact of the Puget Sound AMSC is noteworthy and an example others can follow.

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