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Ship Structure Committee Publishes Report on Crack Arrestor Enhanced Aluminum Structures: SSC-476

Submitted by Lt. Braden Rostad
USCG Office of Design and Engineering Standards

The Ship Structure Committee announces the publication of a new report, SSC-476, titled “Design and Performance Evaluation Methods for Crack Arrestor Enhanced Aluminum Marine Structures” by Mayuresh Paradkar, Xiaolong Xu, and David Hua. The abstract for this report is below and the entire report is available for free at the SSC website, through the National Technical Information Service or may be downloaded by clicking here. All SSC reports are available free of charge at the SSC website.

Report cover SSC-476
Click on the above image to access the report.

ABSTRACT: Large, high-speed aluminum vessels are usually required to maintain aggressive operating limitations to prevent failure by subcritical growth of manufacturing flaws and service-induced defects. Studies have shown that the arrest of crack propagation can be achieved through either insertion of a local high fracture toughness material or reduction of the crack growth driving force. The lack of crack arrestor design procedures for aluminum structure has precluded an optimal selection of a mechanical arrestor device to stop the crack before reaching its critical state. This report aims at the development and verification of a design and performance evaluation method for crack arrestor enhanced aluminum marine structures. The objective of this project is to improve the existing modeling capability for crack initiation and propagation. This will efficiently and reliably capture the effect of a crack arrestor on the fatigue and fracture performance of a welded aluminum marine structure. Additionally, this improved capability will be used to explore an optimized design of a crack arrestor to achieve a design requirement.

The Ship Structure Committee greatly appreciates the contributions of the individuals who volunteered their time to participate on the Project Technical Committee, listed below. They were the subject matter expert representatives of the Ship Structure Committee to the contractor, performing technical oversight during contracting, advising the contractor in cognizant matters pertaining to the contract of which the agencies were aware, and performing technical peer review of the work in progress and upon completion. The individuals are:

Mr. Chao Lin, US Maritime Administration
Mr. Jose Alberto Rosas, Class NK
Mr. Nathan Korinchak, US Navy
Mr. Gordon MacDonald, Lloyds Register
Mr. Rod Sutherland, NDI Engineering
Mr. Rong Huang
Dr. Pradeep Sensharma, US Naval Sea Systems Command
Dr. Robert Sielski, SNAME

SSC Executive Director:
Lt. Braden Rostad, US Coast Guard

For any questions about this report or the Ship Structure Committee in general, please contact the Ship Structure Committee Executive Director, Lt. Braden Rostad, at (202) 372-1398.

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