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Eighth District MSIB: Hurricane Season reporting requirements

The OCS Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) has released MSIB 21-02, Hurricane Season Reporting Requirements, to provide guidance for operators on the Outer Continental Shelf. There are two minor changes from last year’s MSIB (20-04). The D8 Command Center phone number is now 855-485-3727 (GULFSAR), and FPU’s & FPSO’s are specifically included within the MSIB text.

The OCS OCMI works in collaboration with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Gulf of Mexico Region to track hurricane impacts on the OCS and to coordinate post-storm assessment and response. MSIB 21-02 reads as follows:

In 2014, the Eighth Coast Guard District implemented a “report by exception” OCS hurricane evacuation reporting protocol. This protocol created a means for industry to voluntarily report unexpected challenges to executing their storm avoidance/preparation processes or Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP). This protocol continues for the 2021 Hurricane season. It is requested that operators of ALL manned facilities, Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs), Floating Production Storage and Offload (FPSO) vessels, and Floating Production Units (FPUs) report only when personnel, who otherwise intended to evacuate the unit, were stranded on board AND not able to safely evacuate; or if a MODU, FPSO, or FPU intends to, but is unable to, relocate for storm avoidance. Reports of personnel remaining offshore and at risk will allow the Eighth District to prepare for potential post-storm search and rescue operations. For OCS facilities with an approved EEP pursuant to 3 3 CFR 146, we request that you notify the Eighth District any time personnel will remain on board in exception to your approved plan or if you are not able to execute any portion of your plan related to heavy weather preparations. All reports should include the location of the unit the number of personnel to be left on board, and the means by which the operator and/ or the Eighth District can communicate with the unit.

Notification should be made to the Eighth District by contacting the following:

Email: and

Phone: 1-855-485-3727 (1-855-GULFSAR)

As a reminder, facilities are required to comply with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement’s hurricane, earthquake, and other natural occurrence reporting requirements outlined in 30 CFR 250.192. There will be times in which Coast Guard personnel may reach out to particular units or companies in an attempt to gather additional information related to specific weather events. This outreach should not be construed as additional requirements, but rather as requests for information to support overall Coast Guard hurricane planning and response efforts. Your cooperation in these efforts is greatly appreciated.

For questions or clarification on this MSIB, please contact CDR Mickey Dougherty, Deputy OCMI, at (504) 671-2106.

Additional OCS guidance can be found on the Eighth District Outer Continental Shelf webpage.

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