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Federal Register Notice: Great Lakes Pilotage Advisory Committee Meeting

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The Great Lakes Pilotage Advisory Committee (Committee) announced in the Federal Register that it will will meet in Cape Vincent, New York, to discuss matters relating to Great Lakes pilotage, including review of proposed Great Lakes pilotage regulations and policies. The meeting will be open to the public.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.
Please note that this meeting may adjourn early if the Committee has completed its business.

Saint Lawrence Seaway Pilots’ Association conference facility
230 N Point Street
Cape Vincent, NY 13618.

Comments and supporting documentations: 
To ensure your comments are received by Committee members before the meeting, submit your written comments no later than August 24, 2021.

Agenda: The Great Lakes Pilotage Advisory Committee will review, discuss, deliberate and formulate recommendations, as appropriate on the following topics:

1. Status of Committee member’s terms and appointments.
2. Individual pilot compensation reporting.
3. Port of Toledo.
4. Method of expensing major capital assets.
5. Efficiency—delays and double pilotage.
6. Pilotage fees during winter work.
7. Cruise ships and Canadian tankers.
8. Ojibway anchorage.
9. Pilot Association project and updates.
10. Stakeholder Outreach.
11. Public Comments.

The full Federal Register notice is available under docket number USCG-2021-0242 on the Federal eRulemaking Portal at https://www.regulations.gov.

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