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D8 OCS MSIB: Reporting requirements and mooring arrangements for MODUs and vessels completing OCS activities intending to cold stack

The Eighth District Outer Continental Shelf Officer in Charge has issued Marine Safety Information Broadcast 21-03 titled “Reporting Requirements and Mooring Arrangements for MODUs and Vessels Completing OCS Activities Intending to Cold Stack”.

In anticipation of an active 2021 tropical cyclone season, the Eighth Coast Guard District is reminding owners and operators of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) and other vessel completing Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) activities (e.g. accommodation vessels, support vessels, pipelay vessels, and others described in 33 CFR 146.401) of the requirement to notify the Coast Guard when these units are relocated.

It is critical for the Coast Guard to have current and accurate vessel location information during heavy weather events. Inaccurate and incomplete information has delayed Coast Guard response efforts in the past, and could do so in the future.

For additional information on this and other reporting requirement visit the D8 OCS MSIB page.

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