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National Vessel Documentation Center: Improved customer service feature for renewal submissions via e-mail

The Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center recently announced that as of August 26, 2021, customers will receive confirmation e-mails in response to e-mail submissions.

E-mails sent to to VDC-PF NVDCRENEWALS@USCG.MIL or NVDCRENEWALS2@USCG.MIL will receive responses indicating either ‘Submission Received’ or ‘Submission Not Accepted’ in the subject line, with additional information in the body of the response. The goal of this change is to improve customer service by providing customers a status update on their filing.

This enhancement mimics the response feature currently in place for customers submitting requests through the .pdf filing process. Please ensure all e-mail attachments are in .pdf format, including change of address requests.   

For more information visit the Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center webpage

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