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National Maritime Security Advisory Committee appoints new members

The Coast Guard announces the appointment of 13 individuals to serve as members of the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee (NMSAC).

NMSAC was established on December 4, 2018, by § 601 of the Frank LoBiondo Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2018, Pub. L. No. 115-282, 132 Stat. 4190. The function of the Committee is to provide advice to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security on matters relating to national maritime security, including on enhancing the sharing of information related to cybersecurity risks that may cause a transportation security incident, between relevant Federal agencies and a) State, local, and tribal governments, b) relevant public safety and emergency response agencies, c) relevant law enforcement and security organizations, d) maritime industry, e) port owners and operators, and f) terminal owners and operators. 

Membership is composed of thirteen members from the following groups, and in the following numbers:

Each member holds office for a term up to three years.

NMSAC Members Appointed 2021
Mr. Marcus WoodringPort Authorities
Mr. Ed MaduraPort Authorities
Mr. Jeffrey MuskFacility Owners and Operators
Mr. John RowanFacility Owners and Operators
Mr. Bill DewittTerminal Owners and Operators
Mr. James FowlerTerminal Owners and Operators
Mr. Kevin KrickVessel Owners and Operators
Mr. Robert MatticolaVessel Owners and Operators
Mr. T. Christian SpainMaritime Labor
Dr. Hady SaloumAcademic Community
Ms. Laurie ThomasAcademic Community
Ms. April DanosMaritime Industry
Mr. Sean KlineMaritime Industry

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