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Coast Guard to conduct targeted safety training ahead of key fishing seasons

Submitted by the Office of Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance, Fishing Vessel Safety Division

Commercial fishing vessel casualties remain a significant risk factor within the industry.  It is the Coast Guard’s goal to reduce this risk through targeted outreach to the commercial fishing industry.

Understanding emergency response measures and how to use survival equipment are vital skills when mariners are involved in a marine casualty. The Coast Guard recently hosted a training event with more than 50 members of the commercial fishing industry to raise awareness of these important skills. More importantly, the event included hands-on training with survival systems, safety drills, firefighting, and damage control procedures.

Survival, safety, and drill conductor training at Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay (Sept 2021)
“Damage Control” Trainer at Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay (Sept 2021)

In addition to attending Coast Guard hosted events, operators and crew are encouraged to seek out opportunities to further their knowledge through courses, training, and workshops.  Training institutions such as the North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners Association (NPFVOA) and the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA), offer Coast Guard accepted survival, emergency drill, firefighting, and damage control courses to fishermen. 

The Coast Guard will be conducting targeted industry outreach ahead of key fishing seasons as noted below:

To locate a Fishing Vessel Safety Examiner in your area to discuss Fishing Vessel Examinations or local training opportunities, access “find an examiner” at: Fishing Vessel Safety CG-CVC-3 (

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