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MSIB – Procedural Clarification: Continuous Synopsis Records

The Coast Guard has published Marine Safety Information Bulletin 09-21 “Procedural Clarification: Continuous Synopsis Records” to clarify the process for applications for Continuous Synopsis Records. MSIB 003-14 on this subject is hereby cancelled.

Continuous Synopsis Records (CSR) are required by the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Chapter XI-1 for all passenger ships and cargo ships of 500 gross tonnage and above engaged on international voyages. The CSR Desk, located at the National Vessel Documentation Center, issues CSRs for U.S. ships.

When reporting the vessel’s company in accordance with Clause 3.1 of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code to the U.S. Coast Guard, the vessel’s owner/operator must use either form CG-6039 for initial CSRs or CG-6038A for amendments to CSRs.

For initial issuance, vessel owners/operators must complete the form “Application for Continuous Synopsis Record” – (CG-6039) and submit it to the CSR Desk with supporting documentation.

To amend a ship’s CSR, vessel owners/operators must complete the form “Amendments to the Continuous Synopsis Record” – (CG-6038A) and submit it to the CSR Desk with supporting documentation.

The CSR Desk contact information has changed. Current CSR Desk Contact information:

Toll Free: (866) 603-5476
Fax: (304) 271-2563

The CSR Desk P.O. Box is deactivated and paper copies of applications will no longer be accepted. Questions regarding CSR processes and documents can be sent to VDC-SMB-CSR-DESK@USCG.MIL.

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