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Marine Safety Manual Vol. II restructured into seven Commandant Instructions

The Coast Guard Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance (CG-CVC) announces the cancellation of Marine Safety Manual (MSM) Volume II, COMDTINST M16000.7B, and its replacement with seven separate Commandant Instructions, one for each chapter of the previously existing manual. 

There are NO CHANGES to the content of MSM Volume II as published on July 20, 2016.  The change in format from one large manual into seven separate Commandant Instructions will help make future updates easier to follow and promote a more efficient means of keeping Coast Guard policy current. 

MSM Volume II is now republished as the following:

a. Marine Safety: Marine Inspection Administration, COMDTINST 16000.70 (pages A1-1 – A7-43).
b. Marine Safety: Domestic Inspection Programs, COMDTINST 16000.71 (pages B1-1 – B10-3).
c. Marine Safety: Inspection of Engineering Systems, Equipment, and Materials, COMDTINST 16000.72 (pages C1-1 – C5-31).
d. Marine Safety: Port State Control, COMDTINST 16000.73 (pages D1-1 – D7-38).
e. Marine Safety: International Conventions, Treaties, Standards, and Regulations, COMDTINST 16000.74 (pages E1-1 – E4-3).
f. Marine Safety: Carriage of Hazardous Materials, COMDTINST 16000.75 (pages F1-1 – F5-35).
g. Marine Safety: Outer Continental Shelf Activities, COMDTINST 16000.76 (pages G1-1 – G6-24).

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