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Industry Notice: LGC NCOE and MSU Port Arthur

LGC NCOE Offshore Certificate of Compliance Examination Program during LGCAP 2201 & USCG Ship-to-Ship LNG Transfer Approvals

The Liquefied Gas Carriers National Center of Expertise (LGCNCOE) has issued a Industry Notice 22-02 to provide awareness to liquefied natural gas carrier (LNGCs) owners and operators regarding the LGC NCOE’s offshore Certificate of Compliance (COC) examination program during the Coast Guard’s Liquefied Gas Carrier Accelerated Program (LGCAP) 2201. The Coast Guard’s Foreign Gas Carrier Examiner National Verifying Officer’s from the LGC NCOE will lead examinations under this program.

Commencing only from April 6th, 2022 and ending on April 29th, 2022, the following LNGCs are eligible and may request for a COC under this program:

LGC NCOE Offshore COC Program Details:

USCG Ship-to-Ship (STS) LNGC Transfer Approvals:

Questions regarding this notice should be forwarded to the National Technical Advisor for the LGC NCOE at (409) 723-6559 or by email at or

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