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Area Maritime Security Committees 2021 Annual Report – Challenges,
Suggestions, Accomplishments, and Best Practices

Written by Dr. Robyn A. Kapperman, Office of Port and Facility Compliance, Domestic
Ports Division

The Office of Port and Facility Compliance is pleased to announce the publication of the consolidated Area Maritime Security Committees (AMSC) 2021 Annual Report, highlighting the status of, and work completed by the 43 AMSCs in 2021.

AMSCs provide a valuable forum to discuss and address maritime security issues and emerging challenges in the Marine Transportation System (MTS) that could adversely impact the Maritime Domain at the port level. Each of the 43 AMSCs submitted data that assisted multiple program offices in devising national strategies to address common problems, emerging threats, and measure AMSCs alignment with national preparedness goals.

Some of the highlights in the newly released report included:

• AMSC Events. AMSCs and their respective subcommittees collectively facilitated 1,687 events. This total included 670 administrative AMSC meetings and 1,017 training specific events. These coordinated opportunities resulted in effective, real world security prevention, response, and recovery efforts.

• Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity continued to be a key area of focus for AMSCs in 2021. AMSC Cybersecurity Subcommittees sponsored an increasing number of cyber training seminars and workshops, and promoted exchange of government and industry best practices focused on identification of vulnerabilities and risk reduction within the MTS. AMSCs are engaging with USCG Cyber Protection Teams who can assist with enhancing the resiliency of the ports.

• Active Shooter/Active Threat (AS/AT). In 2021 a number of AS/AT exercises and drills were conducted. For example, the North Carolina AMSC conducted a full scale maritime AS/AT exercise to familiarize their members on tactics and techniques to use onboard a passenger ferry.

Through fostering collaboration, the sharing of ideas and information, and the regular engagement with the Federal Maritime Security Coordinator and staff, the AMSCs have proved themselves as valuable assets within the maritime security regime.

For additional information on the AMSCs, contact Dr. Robyn Kapperman at Robyn.A.Kapperman@uscg.mil.

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