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Coast Guard Cyber Command releases 2021 Cyber Trends and Insights in the Marine Environment report

Submitted by the Maritime Cyber Readiness Branch

The Coast Guard enthusiastically announces the release of the first annual Cyber Trends and Insights in the Marine Environment (ME) report. This report aims to continue the Coast Guard’s tradition of collaborating with owners and operators in the ME to provide relevant information about best practices to secure their critical systems based on Coast Guard findings. The report intends to aid Sector Commanders, their staffs, and maritime facility leadership teams, including Facility Security Officers (FSOs), IT Directors, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other executives. It supports their ability to identify and address cyber risks within their purview. The report contains a detailed summary of findings along with mitigations applicable to a variety of owners and operators. Below is an excerpt, showing some of the key findings from Cyber Protection Team assessments:

The full report, detailing Cyber Protection Team missions, mitigation measures, and insights into cyber incidents in the Marine Transportation System can be found here: 2021 Cyber Trends and Insights in the Marine Environment.

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