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1/5/2015: Commercial fishing vessels dispensing petroleum products

The Coast Guard is reopening the public comment period on the notice of proposed rulemaking entitled “Commercial Fishing Vessels Dispensing Petroleum Products,” published in August 2014.

12/15/2014: Implementation of new requirements for commercial fishing vessels

The Coast Guard published Marine Safety Information Bulletin 18-14 to remind commercial fishing industry about safety and equipment requirements.

11/26/2014: Collection of information under review by the Office of Management and Budget – Tonnage measurement of vessels

The Coast Guard posted a notice requesting comments on the revision to the collection of information for the application for tonnage measurement of vessels.

11/24/2014: 2012 and 2013 Hearing Office marine casualty reporting numbers

The Coast Guard Hearing Office published an article on marine casualties from 2012 and 2013 and an update on the Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular on reportable marine casualties.

11/21/2014: Electronic billing program for Certificate of Documentation renewals

The Coast Guard’s National Vessel Documentation Center announced that they will launch a program designed to enroll customers in an automated electronic billing program for Certificates of Documentation renewals.

11/18/2014: Coast Guard and EPA take action on North American and U.S. Caribbean Sea Emission Control Area enforcement and compliance

The Coast Guard and EPA will soon take action to ensure compliance with the forthcoming 0.10% fuel sulphur limits in the North American and U.S. Caribbean Sea ECAs.

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