Category: Congressional Hearings

5/13/2015: Congressional hearing alert

Tomorrow, the Coast Guard’s Assistant Commandant for Acquisition and Chief Acquisition Officer, Rear Admiral Bruce D. Baffer will testify at a Congressional Hearing focused on the Coast Guard’s Acquisition Program.

4/21/2015: RSA Conference cybersecurity keynote alert

Today, April 21, 2015, the Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson will deliver a keynote address at the RSA Conference on cybersecurity.

2/24/2015: Congressional hearing alert

Tomorrow the Commandant of the Coast Guard and the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard will testify at a Congressional Hearing on the U.S. Coast Guard’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request.

9/16/2014: Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy answers questions about role of social media in Coast Guard policy

The Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy clarifies the Coast Guard’s use of social media to discuss Coast Guard goals, objectives and policy positions with the maritime community.

6/16/2014: Congressional hearing alert

The Coast Guard’s deputy commandant for operations, Vice Adm. Charles D. Michel, will testify, at a congressional hearing on Coast Guard readiness and the service’s acquisitions program.

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