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4/28/2014 Safety Alert: Inadequate Snaphooks on Lifejackets

The Office of Investigations and Casualty Analysis issued a safety alert to provide awareness of an issue that was identified a few years ago with snaphooks on lifejackets.

4/24/2014 Federal Register Notice: Towing Safety Advisory Committee Meeting

The Coast Guard posted a notice to the Federal Register announcing that the Towing Safety Advisory Committee will meet via teleconference to receive tasking related to the report of investigation into the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit KULLUK grounding incident.

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Safety Alert: Failure of Hand Portable Fire Extinguisher

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The Coast Guard issued a safety alert as a reminder to vessel owners, operators and fire safety equipment servicing companies to use caution when replacing components on hand portable fire extinguishers.

Report of Investigation into grounding of MODU Kulluk


The U.S. Coast Guard has released the report of investigation into the circumstances surrounding the grounding of the mobile offshore drilling unit Kulluk on the eastern coast of Sitkalidak Island, Alaska, Dec. 31, 2012.

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