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Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee meeting scheduled

The Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee and its working groups will meet Sept. 10-11, 2019, in Galveston, Texas.

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Person in charge of fuel oil transfers on an inspected vessel

The Coast Guard is seeking public comment on a proposal to amend the requirements regulating personnel permitted to serve as a person in charge of fuel oil transfers on an inspected vessel by adding the option of using a letter of designation in lieu of a Merchant Mariner Credential with a Tankerman-PIC endorsement.

Wanted: Subject matter experts for merchant mariner credential exam working groups

Examination reviews are currently scheduled to place at the National Maritime Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Guidance on the enforcement of radar observer requirements prior to July 22, 2019

With the pending implementation of the Final Rule amending marine radar observer refresher training requirements, the Office of Commerical Vessel Compliance announced that mariners will be considered in compliance with radar observer requirements if they hold a valid Merchant Mariner Credential containing the appropriate endorsement as Radar Observer. This policy will expire July 22, 2019, the Final Rule’s implementation date.

National Maritime Center announces additional credential extensions due to the lapse in appropriations

Merchant mariner credentials and medical certificates (national endorsements only) that expire in December 2018, January 2019, February 2019, March 2019, April 2019, May 2019, June 2019, or July 2019 are extended as valid until August 31, 2019. Mariners who are actively working on expired credentials that meet the expiration criteria must carry the expired credential with a copy of the attached letter.

Coast Guard presents public service award to long-time mariner advocate

Rear Adm. Steven Andersen, the Coast Guard’s Judge Advocate General and Chief Counsel, presented Mr. Douglas Stevenson with a Meritorious Public Service Award, to honor his outstanding contributions to the United States Coast Guard and to all the mariners who make their living at sea.

Marine Radar Observer Refresher Training Final Rule and policy letter published

Mariners who have served on radar-equipped vessels in a position that routinely uses radar for 1 year in the previous 5 years for navigation and collision avoidance purposes, and mariners who have taught a Coast Guard-approved or accepted radar course at least twice within the past 5 years will no longer be required to complete a Coast Guard-approved or accepted radar refresher or re-certification course in order to renew their radar observer endorsements.

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Thank you to all mariners on National Maritime Day


In this post, in honor of National Maritime Day, Rear Adm. Nadeau extends appreciation to all the mariners who are entrusted with the safety of passengers and crew and who keep our economy flowing every day.

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