Category: Mariner Credentialing

12/19/2017: Don’t miss the January 12 deadline to submit nominations for the Rear Adm. Benkert award for excellence in environmental protection

Started in 1995, the award recognizes corporations and businesses involved in marine facility or vessel operations which have demonstrated sustained excellence and outstanding achievement in protecting the marine environment. It also encourages innovations in operations, maintenance, cargo handling, refueling and training while providing a means to share best practices with others in the maritime community.

11/27/2017: Illegal passenger vessel operations – A risk to safety, credentialed mariners, and legitimate operators

Illegal operations and the potential dangers they present have existed since the inception of passenger vessel regulations. In recent years, however, the introduction of certain smart phone apps to the hospitality and transportation industries has exacerbated the issue by making it easier for property owners to enter into agreements to temporarily lease, charter, or rent their homes or vehicles to interested parties for compensation. As expected, emerging business ventures are now dedicated to boat rentals and water taxis using similar business plans and smart phone apps. In this post, the Coast Guard discusses some of the risks associated with illegal passenger operations and what the boating public and legitimate operators can do to protect themselves.

10/24/2017: Policy letter regarding credentialing of seafarers working on board Hurricane Marie relief vessels in Puerto Rico and USVI

This policy letter provides the guidelines to be used by sector commanders and Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) when considering requests for vessels to participate in this relief effort. This policy letter will expire on Jan. 31, 2018. The Coast Guard will use this policy as a guide for determining appropriate manning of vessels providing relief support.