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10/6/2017: Updated hyperlinks for frequently visited Coast Guard web sites

The Coast Guard recently completed the migration of all web content to a new, more secure server and web content managers have received many questions and comments from the maritime community about how to navigate the new sites. This post provides a list of updated web addresses for some of the industry-focused Coast Guard sites our readers visit the most.

10/1/2017: Coast Guard releases Report of Investigation into loss of 33 mariners and U.S. cargo ship, El Faro

The MBI concluded that the primary cause of the casualty was the decision to navigate El Faro too close to the path of Hurricane Joaquin. As the MBI expanded the investigation to explore other contributing factors, it uncovered evidence of an ineffective safety management system within the operating company, and failures by both the Coast Guard delegated representative and the Coast Guard itself to provide effective oversight of the vessel’s compliance with safety regulations.