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8/21/2014: 2013 Area Maritime Security Committee of the Year award winner announced

The Coast Guard congratulates the Port of Boston Area Maritime Security Committee as the recipient of the 2013 AMSC of the Year award.

8/19/2014: Consumer Price Index Adjustments of Oil Pollution Act of 1990 Limits of Liability-Vessels, Deepwater Ports and Onshore Facilities

The Coast Guard proposed an increase to the limits of liability for vessels, deepwater ports and onshore facilities, under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, as amended, to reflect significant increases in the Consumer Price Index.

7/17/2014: Rear Adm. Thomas talks about the future of port security

The Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy spoke on cyber security, the evolution of energy and its impact on the Maritime Transportation System and liquefied natural gas as fuel and its potential security implications.

7/3/2014: Information collection request to the Office of Management and Budget- Safety approval of cargo containers

The Coast Guard invites comments from owners and manufacturers of containers and organizers on the safety approval of cargo containers.

6/24/2014: Waterway suitability assessment for construction and operation of liquefied gas terminals

The Coast Guard seeks comments on a Letter of Intent and Preliminary Waterway Suitability Assessment regarding a company’s plans to construct, own and operate a waterfront facility handling Liquefied Hazardous Gas.

6/11/2014: Information collection request to the Office of Management and Budget- Application and permit to handle hazardous materials

The Coast Guard posted a notice inviting comments from shipping agents and terminal operators that handle hazardous materials on the collection of information for the application and permit to handle hazardous materials.

6/10/2014: Report published to the President – Actions to Improve Chemical Facility Safety and Security

A working group of contributing agencies recently published a full report to the President on chemical facility safety and security and reducing the risk of hazardous chemicals to facility workers, operators, communities and responders.

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