Category: Waterways Policy

9/4/2014: Great Lakes pilotage rates- 2015 annual review and adjustment

The Coast Guard proposes rate adjustments for pilotage services on the Great Lakes. The proposed adjustments would establish new base rates made in accordance with a full ratemaking procedure.

9/2/2014: 2014 AMSC Conference- 21st Century waterway: Future of navigation

Coast Guard provides updates on the future of navigation at the 15th Biennial Harbor Safety Committee and Area Maritime Security Committee conference.

8/21/2014: 2013 Area Maritime Security Committee of the Year award winner announced

The Coast Guard congratulates the Port of Boston Area Maritime Security Committee as the recipient of the 2013 AMSC of the Year award.

8/18/2014: Polar Code workshop after-action: Coast Guard regional perspective

In a continuing Polar Code series, the Coast Guard provides regional, Alaskan, perspective at a Polar Code workshop in Seattle.

8/18/2014: Polar Code workshop after-action: Other international governances

In a continuing Polar Code series, the Coast Guard spoke on U.S. Government engagement with international partners in the development of the Code and the context and framework in which the International Maritime Organization negotiates.

8/15/2014: IMO Polar Code workshop: after-action report

The Coast Guard hosted a workshop on the Polar Code in Seattle. For those who could not attend, Maritime Commons is providing an after-action blog post for each of the Coast Guard spokespersons that presented at the workshop.

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