Category: Waterways Policy

7/7/2014: Navigation and navigable waters; technical, organizational and conforming amendments

The Coast Guard published a final rule that makes non-substantive changes throughout Title 33 of the Code of Federal Regulations, navigation and navigable waters regulations.

7/7/2014: Great Lakes Pilotage Advisory Committee

The Great Lakes Pilotage Advisory Committee will hold a public meeting to discuss matters relating to Great Lakes pilotage including review of proposed Great Lakes pilotage regulations and policies.

7/3/2014: Information collection request to the Office of Management and Budget– Security zones, regulated navigation areas & safety zones

The Coast Guard invites comments from Federal, State, local government agencies, owners and operators of vessels, and facilities on security zones, regulated navigation areas and safety zones.

7/1/2014: Public workshop for IMO’s development of a mandatory code for ships operating in Polar Waters

The Coast Guard will hold a public workshop on topics related to the development of a mandatory code for ships operating in polar waters by the International Maritime Organization.

6/26/2014: Vice Comdt. presents the 2014 William M. Benkert Award at API Conference

Coast Guard Vice Commandant presented the 2014 Rear Adm. William Benkert, maritime industry, awards at the American Petroleum Institute’s annual tanker conference.

6/25/2014: Invitation to the 21st Century-Future of Navigation feedback website

The Coast Guard, NOAA and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers invite you to comment on their new feedback website on the modernization of navigation services.

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