3/18/2015: Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait and Bering Sea port access route study

The Coast Guard published a withdrawal of a Federal Register notice concerning the port access route study in the Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait and Bering Sea.

3/17/2014: Coast Guard and EPA Revised protocols on referrals under MARPOL Annex VI

The Coast Guard just posted a joint document from the Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency on revised protocols.

3/16/2015: Brookings Institute panel on LNG as a marine fuel

Read remarks from the chief of the Office of Design and Engineering Standards on the evolving policy, regulatory and environmental factors associated with using LNG as a marine fuel.

3/13/2015: Cooperative Research and Development Agreement for the Response Boat-Medium data recorder

The Coast Guard announces its intent to enter into a cooperative research and development agreement to develop changes to the RB-M onboard engine data bus. The Coast Guard also invites other potential non-Federal participants to consider submitting proposals.

3/12/2015: 6th Annual Maritime Risk Symposium – Risk in the Western Hemisphere and Southern Border Approaches

The Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce and the Coast Guard will coordinate the 6th Annual Maritime Risk Symposium to focus on transnational threats, maritime challenges to the maritime transportation system and U.S. national security over the next 10 years.

3/11/2015: Coast Guard IMO newsletter – Winter edition

The Coast Guard published its 2014/2015 winter edition of its semi-annual IMO e-Newsletter to disseminate information regarding key IMO issues and decisions of particular interest to the United States.

3/11/2015: Safety alert – Engine room operations

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Alert 4-15 regarding engine room operations, specifically the maintenance of machinery, escape routes and the importance of conducting thorough engineering watches.

03/11/2015: Requirements for MODUs and other vessels conducting Outer Continental Shelf activities with dynamic positioning systems

The Coast Guard will hold a public meeting to receive comments on a notice of proposed rulemaking to amend regulations for mobile offshore drilling units and other vessels conducting OCS activities with dynamic positioning systems.

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