2/3/2015: Documentation and tonnage of smaller commercial vessels

The Coast Guard published a new guide that provides information concerning federal documentation and tonnage measurement requirements for commercial vessels of the United States that are less than 79 feet in overall length.

2/3/2015: Collection of information under review by the Office of Management and Budget – Certificate of discharge to merchant mariner

The Coast Guard posted a notice seeking comments on a request for revision of a currently approved collection for the Certificate of Discharge to Merchant Mariner.

2/3/2015: Navigation Safety Advisory Council – Committee meeting

NAVSAC is holding a public meeting to discuss matters relating to maritime collisions, rammings and groundings, Inland Rules of the Road, International Rules of the Road, navigation regulations and equipment, routing measures, marine information, diving safety and aids to navigation systems.

1/30/2015: Vessel requirements for notices of arrival and departure and automatic identification system

The Coast Guard is expanding the applicability of NOA and AIS requirements to include more commercial vessels.

1/29/2015: Salvage and marine firefighting core geographical appendices updated

The Coast Guard updated the most recently accepted version of the Salvage and Marine Firefighting core geographic specific appendix.

1/28/2015: Request for comment on waiver revisions for certain medications and suggestions for risk evaluation

The Coast Guard seeks public comment on the criteria for granting medical waivers to mariners who require the use of potentially impairing prescription medications and on effective methods of risk evaluation of such mariners.

1/27/2015: Guidance on maritime cyber security standards – Part 5 Concluding remarks

Read part 5 in the 5 part series providing key takeaways from an interagency public meeting called ‘Guidance on Maritime Cybersecurity Standards.’

1/26/2015: After-action from public meeting for seafarers’ access to maritime facilities

Maritime Commons is providing you with an overview of Coast Guard remarks from ‘Seafarers’ Access to Maritime Facilities’ public meeting, last week in Washington, D.C.

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