11/3/2014: Safety alert – Corrosion of boat bilge pump discharge piping

Due to an issue discovered in recent inspections, the Coast Guard issued a safety alert to raise awareness of the importance of checking boat bilge pump discharge piping.

11/3/2014: Safety alert – Fuel system modifications lead to fire

Due to a recent casualty, the Coast Guard issued a marine safety alert to raise awarenss about the importance of using proper replacement parts and equipment in accordance with their intended purpose.

10/30/2014: The right maritime and GPS info at the same time – Magazine article

Link to a Coast Guard authored article that provides an introduction into the services provided by the Coast Guard’s Navigation Center and GPS information.

10/27/2014: Course certification updates for Maritime Transportation Security Act

The training course certification process that used to involve the Maritime Administration, or MARAD, has been renewed and updated to remove MARAD from the process, so that course providers may now work directly with the Quality Standards System organizations to obtain course certification.

10/27/2014: National Offshore Safety Advisory Committee public meeting

The NOSAC will meet on November 18 and 19, 2014 to discuss safety of operations and other offshore gas industry matters. These meetings are open to the public.

10/27/2014: Coast Guard participates in newly launched interagency Cybersecurity Forum

The Coast Guard is a participant in the interagency Cybersecurity Forum launched this month to develop a common understanding of cyber issues.

10/24/2014: Cybersecurity 101

The Coast Guard’s Chief of Port and Facility Compliance discusses cyber resources, cyber-risk assessements and reduction of cyber-related risk for mariners and facility operators.

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