8/6/2014: Collection of information under review by Office of Management and Budget – Plan Approval and Records for U.S. and Foreign Tank Vessels Carrying Oil in Bulk

The Coast Guard posted a notice requesting comments on the approval of a revision to the collection of information for plan approval and records for U.S. and foreign tank vessels carrying oil in bulk.

7/31/2014: Nontank Vessel Response Plan Interim Operating Authorizations Expire.

Interim operating authorization letters that were issued to non-tank vessels submitted for the January 31, 2014 non-tank vessel response plan implementation date expire today.

7/31/2014: National Maritime Center to update Rules of the Road exam questions

The National Maritime Center updated Rules of the Road exam questions affected by the changes in the Inland Navigation Rules final rule and posted an updated bank of questions.

7/30/2014: Lifesaving equipment: production testing and harmonization with international standards

The Coast Guard published a rule finalizing amendments to Coast Guard regulations for certain lifesaving equipment.

7/28/2014: Navigation and navigable waters; technical, organizational and conforming amendments

The Coast Guard published a final rule amendment to 33 Code of Federal Regulations part 151 correcting an address and an incorrect paragraph reference.

7/24/2014: Coast Guard IMO newsletter- Summer edition

The Coast Guard published its 2014 edition of its semi-annual IMO e-Newsletter to disseminate information regarding key IMO issues and decisions of particular interest to the U.S.

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